Buildings, Lives and Legacies. A Celebration of Cambridge University
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Buildings, Lives and Legacies
A Celebration of Cambridge University
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Welcome to this walk around Cambridge. It has been commissioned by the University as part of the celebration of its 800th anniversary in 2009.
Cambridge is not only home to one of the oldest and most respected universities in the world. It is also a unique and beautiful city. We will be combining both academic achievement and architectural magic on this walk, as we visit places of particular significance to the University’s 800 year history.

Along the way, we will look at the contributions of just a few of the thousands of men and women who have played a part in shaping this long, rich history. You will also be hearing the voices of a few people who are associated with today’s university.

The walk is simple to follow – there are sixteen places to visit along the route, with sixteen corresponding tracks. You can print out the illustrated map from this web site.

The walk takes about two hours.

We will not be going inside any University buildings, but if they are open to the public, you might want to break your tour and have a look around.
Professor Alison Richard
"There is this wonderful sense of past, present and future that I believe is key to the academic distinction of Cambridge, and also key to its architectural magic. This walk is a wonderful way of experiencing that historic beauty."
Professor Alison Richard
This walk is brought to you by The University of Cambridge.
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This walk was produced in 2009.

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